Paths of Glory paired with chocolate from some of bean to bars greatest pioneers at Akesson’s, The Smooth Chocolator, Forever Cacao and Duffy’s.

Read Louth Coven’s review of Jonathan Coe’s The House of Sleep along with four characterful, Madagascan origin chocolate bars.


The Accidental Tourist with some accidental but intriguing chocolate choices from Land, Hotel Chocolat, Cicada and North Queensland Chocolate Company.

We met up at Liz’s house for this meeting. The last meeting in late summer when we sat outside at Theresa’s seemed long time ago. Around Liz’s beautiful dining table for the evening were Sally, Jo, George, Kathryn, Vicky, Anne, Trudy, Theresa, Lara and, of course, Liz. The Book The Accidental Tourist, by Anne Tyler […]