We are just a group of friends, all female (simply because no males have ever asked to join!) who have come together over the years. This is who we are and what we have enjoyed the most:

Lara – (member for over 12 years) There’s been so many good reads it is hard to choose a favourite but what I love is discovering books and authors I perhaps wouldn’t have chosen by myself. The chocolate tasting has been a revelation for me. I had always thought I didn’t like dark chocolate or even ‘good’ chocolate but have discovered just how delicious it can be. Good books, good friends and good chocolate  – perfect combination for great evenings!

Kathryn  – (member for over 12 years) Lots of favourite reads. I like classics but one of our best choices I think was the prequel to Jane Eyre – Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys. I have developed a real taste for dark chocolate since I discovered fine chocolate but I am beginning to discover the taste possibilities of milk chocolate too. At the top of my list of favourites is Duffy’s Indio Rojo but I have to admit, my favourites list is growing all the time and there are so many more yet to be tasted.

Lee – (member for over 12 years) At the first meeting I went to with these lovely people we were discussing a biography about Agatha Christie and drinking mulled wine so I definitely knew I was on to a good thing. We’ve read such a wide range of books over the years. I’ve enjoyed lots that I wouldn’t have chosen myself like ‘Dark Matter’ by Michelle Paver or ‘Dissolution’ by C. J. Sansom, because I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to ghost stories and thrillers. My favourite so far is ‘The Disappearing Act of Esme Lennox’ by Maggie O’ Farrell, I get completely absorbed in her stories and always find myself really rooting for the characters. Favourite chocolate? Hmm, I think I just need to try a little bit more…

Gini – (member since May 2016) I have loved meeting up with this group of lovely bonkers women to discuss books, drink wine and taste chocolate.  It has given me the chance to get back into reading after a long break (I was drinking the wine and eating the chocolate already but its much more fun in company!).  My favourites so far have been Black-Eyed Susans and The Storyteller (which I recommended).  I’m looking forward to discovering more different and interesting reads.